A tenant should hire an attorney whenever the landlord is represented by an attorney.  If the tenant feels there is something improper by the landlord or feels their rights are being violated, they should consult an attorney.  Quite often an attorney will provide a free consultation or low cost consultation to determine if they can help you.

A landlord may decide to evict a tenant without hiring an attorney.  If the tenant hires an attorney, the landlord should immediately retain their own attorney.  Landlords often want to keep their costs down so they go it alone.  That mind-set can be very expensive for landlords if the tenant’s attorney wins the case.  The landlord could end up owing thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and expenses.

About the Author

This blog is the creation of Central Florida attorney Dennis Chen.  He has been practicing law in Florida for over ten years and is also admitted to practice law in Texas.  He has handled evictions for both commercial & residential landlords and also has extensive experience representing tenants.  He can be reached at info@evictiontime.com or in his Office - Orlando, FL

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