A tenant should hire an attorney whenever the landlord is represented by an attorney.  If the tenant feels there is something improper by the landlord or feels their rights are being violated, they should consult an attorney.  Quite often an attorney will provide a free consultation or low cost consultation to determine if they can.. read more →

IMPORTANT: If you do not understand something in the lease or the lease does not include something the landlord agreed to provide, don’t sign it!!! The lease is legally binding and most judges will not accept the following statement, “Your Honor, I did not understand what that clause meant.” Move-in Condition and Services: The lease.. read more →

Generally you need a material breach of the landlord’s duties to withhold rent.  It is most commonly used when the landlord fails to make repairs or maintain the property according to the following statute: 83.51  Landlord’s obligation to maintain premises. The landlord at all times during the tenancy shall: Comply with the requirements of applicable building,.. read more →

First, understand that just because the house is in foreclosure, it does not mean that you can stop paying rent.  The landlord is still the owner and can evict the tenant for non-payment of rent even if a foreclosure action is pending.  Although rent is due, the tenant should address the issue of the security.. read more →